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Our mission is to help people – from business teams to families to couples –  to understand their communication styles so they can build harmony in their relationships.


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This type of harmony can also be achieved in your daily life among the people you know.  Sheila Ninowski, the Communication Coach can help you attain peace and improve your interpersonal relationships with more informed and effective communication.  Understanding each other's preferred communication style is key! This communication style reveals traits, core values, passions, and needs of each individual who speaks that particular language.  And these languages can be quickly revealed by taking a simple Communication Assessment. The results are immediate and continually accessible. What's more, the effects can be life changing.


the Communication Seminar

In your own affiliations, do you feel like things sometimes get lost in translation? Once you've taken the assessment, Sheila Ninowski is the communication coach who can help you zero in on your distinctive  traits and needs, as well as the traits and needs of those around you.  In a Communication Seminar, Sheila can lead your family, team, department, business, or church staff through all seven languages. This will allow each person to grow in identifying and appreciating the differences and similarities we all have in our preferences, needs, passions and strengths. Getting to know yourself will be enlightening.  Getting to know others can be life changing, impacting all your relationships for the better.  This Communication Seminar will do both.

the Personal Consultation

Personal Consultations are available after you have taken the assessment.  Sheila, your Communication Coach will help you gain a much deeper understanding of your language profile, which allows you to maximize your strengths and diminish your weaknesses.  Personal Consultations are also available for Couples, Parents and Children, Co-workers, or anyone else who may be struggling in relationships.  Comparing Communication Assessments in relationships can show where there may be areas of conflict or misunderstanding.  The languages and their indicators will help clarify why two people may think and act quite differently.  Relationship Harmony can be the result of a one on one consultation with Sheila.




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Once you have taken the communication 

assessment, Sheila Ninowski is the communication 

coach who can guide you through your languages.  Schedule a Communication 

Seminar or Personal Consultation by contacting Sheila here. Couples Consultations are available as well.

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