Passionate About Inspiring Others
Like many of us, Sheila felt that at times she was unable to relate to some of the people she worked with.
Then she was introduced to the LIFE Languages™. This assessment reveals our communication preferences and the traits that accompany them. Over time, Sheila realized that these languages explained why certain people felt foreign to her in their characteristics and manners.  She not only began to understand the differences between herself and others, she was able to deeply appreciate the virtues that others possessed (and she didn't). With this, she was able to assess where she herself could improve, and was determined to learn to speak her lesser LIFE languages™ more fluently.  She knew this would increase harmony with others, but also within herself.
For Sheila, it is not an understatement to say the languages were life altering! Once she became a certified trainer in 2003, Sheila became an ardent advocate of the program, coaching communication for the next several years. She is passionate about teaching and consulting, and loves to see the eye-opening effect that character-centered communication has on people's lives.  She believes this communication assessment is one of the most comprehensive profiles she has taken, and will have the same outcome for anyone who utilizes it.  With this tool, Sheila is passionate about improving communication within businesses, families, teams, church groups, and spouses.

Sheila has been a featured speaker at the annual "Go Deep Women's Retreat" in Dallas, Texas. She has also taught the languages in her church's premarital groups and educational classes. Through Communication Seminars, Sheila has also profiled and trained church staff members.  In her spare time, she paints oil portraits and is the proud mother of two grown kids.





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