Because of its unique perspective, a Communication Seminar with Sheila Ninowski can alter the attitude and atmosphere within the workplace.   There are many personality profiles, several which utilize the quadrant approach (four categories).  Personality profiles can often label people and put them in a box, while the Communication Assessment takes a different approach. Here, the profile is divided into seven languages instead of personalities (along with several other communication indicators), giving a more comprehensive evaluation.  The aim is not to permanently label you, but help you learn to speak ALL seven languages. This allows for better communication between coworkers, fostering harmony and increased productivity . Supervisors will better understand their staff, and employees will learn to identify with their superiors.

  • Manage People in Departments More Effectively

  • Increase Retention

  • Decrease Turnover

  • Increase Sales Effectiveness

  • Help Resolve Conflict

  • Help Place Staff in More Appropriate Positions for Greater Effectiveness

  • Help Coworkers (Both Executives and Employees) Grow in Strengths and Diminish Weaknesses

  • Help Each Person Grow in Character

  • Help Diverse Cultures and varied LIFE Languages Understand One Another, thus Creating Harmony

  • Enhance Team Dynamics

Benefits of
the seminar:
  • A Comprehensive Teaching of the Kendall LIFE Languages™

  • Personalized binder for every attendee including their personal assessment, and post-seminar reference materials

  • Causes of Internal and External Conflicts

  • Organizational directory of participants (optional)

  • Pictorial graphs of your teams' communication demographics (optional)

  • CrossTalk/CrossTie analysis and index of specified group (optional)

Seminar may include:



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