Personal Consultation

Once you have taken the communication assessment,

you can contact Sheila by phone or email below to schedule a consultation.  She will be able to interpret the details of your LIFE Languages™ profile in order to help you understand your preferences, core values, traits, needs, and strengths, among other things.  You will be able to zero in on the things you want to enhance, as well as the things you would like to diminish.  The consultation will also help you understand why you feel different in some ways to certain people around you.  Once you better understand the seven languages, you will be able to speak your lower languages more ... allowing you to become more versatile in communication and wise in understanding the preferences and needs of others.  An appreciation for all seven languages will be the result!  And along with that, an ability to better connect with others than ever before.

Personal Consultations are also available with Spouses (to enhance marriage relationships), Couples (pre-marital insight), Parent and Child (to enhance family dynamics), Co-workers (to bring harmony to the workplace), as well as any other relationships that may need a communication boost.

Communication Seminars are also available for small or large groups, which details the seven LIFE Languages™ comprehensively, leaving each person with a greater understanding of the individual preferences and qualities God has placed within each of us.



Contact Sheila

Once you have taken the communication 

assessment, Sheila Ninowski is the communication 

coach who can guide you through your languages.  Schedule a Communication 

Seminar or Personal Consultation by contacting Sheila here. Couples Consultations are available as well.

Any Questions? Call or email Sheila here.

You can also Schedule a Personal Consultation or Communication seminar.