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Most assessments on the market are psychological tests, achievement tests, aptitude tests, or personality tests.  The Communication Assessment is different in that it is a communication analysis tool.  It reveals your communication preferences and shows you how to better connect with others.  With this, you have the potential to improve your personal and professional relationships both immediately and dramatically

How to take the assessment

You can take the Communication Assessment with the Kendall LIFE Languages™ online! The questions on the assessment are simple, and the answers fairly easy. But if you feel conflicted about any particular question, the best thing to ask yourself is “What am I, most of the place, most of the time?"


​With this rule you will achieve a profile result which is most accurate to your true communication preferences, whether at work or at home. Quite often, the answer that comes first to your mind will be the right one.


​The assessment does not take very long (about 20 minutes), and the results can be truly life changing! This tool can help you better understand yourself as well as others, so it is well worth the time and effort.  The cost is $55, and payment for the assessment will be taken once the test is completed.


Keep record of your unique Username and password so you can login and view your Communication Assessment Report anytime! 

Once you have taken the test, you will immediately receive your Kendall LIFE Languages Profile™, which is an 18-22 page comprehensive analysis of your Language Preferences, Language Range, Intensity, Filters, Traits, Needs, and much more.


After the Assessment, you can contact Sheila for a consultation in order to gain a greater understanding of your LIFE Languages.  Consultations are also available for Spouses, Parents and Children, Co-Workers, etc.

If you or your organization are interested in holding a Communication Seminar, in which you will learn how to increase harmony and decrease conflict, you can also contact Sheila for this workshop as well.



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