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Explaining The LIFE Languages™


People who speak emotive languages, Influencer and Responder, generally respond to life with feeling (emotion, sentiment, heart) first, then follow with thinking or action.


Those who speak cognitive languages, Shaper, Producer, and Contemplator generally respond to life with thinking (reason, analysis, logic) first, then follow with feeling or action.

Everyone speaks all 7 LIFE Languages™, and the profile will show these languages in descending order of intensity.  In fact, it's likely that we speak each language every single day.  But the best way to identify our most preferred form of communication (our most natural languages) is by taking the communication assessment (LIFE Language™ profile).  Once the languages are better understood, we can learn how to access our weaker languages and communicate with those around us much more effectively.

Here is an Example: 


The first Kinetic language is the MOVER.  Mover is the most action oriented language.  Movers are innovative and enjoy changing things for the better.  They are the most courageous of all the languages, willing to front money and time to become entrepreneurs and build great businesses. They also have high standards to accompany their bravery, hence why many of them will find a career in the military, police force, or as firemen. They tend to be forceful at times, but are more than willing to take risks ... to be the point of the arrow, pioneering new paths for everyone behind them.  They are very hard working, and yet not as effective in overseeing the details of a project.  They would likely delegate the fine points to another person whose language is better built for handling busy work.

These are just some of the traits of a Mover.  More specifics will be taught in a Communication Seminar, which covers all seven languages comprehensively.

The LIFE Languages profile is unlike most assessments.  Instead of labeling people as a certain type, the focus is on their preferred communication style - hence, the seven "languages".  With these languages, intensity, range, learning preference and six other communication indicators, this assessment is one of the most comprehensive profiles one could ever take.


Communication is critical in bringing harmony to ALL relationships. Informed Communication is key!  


Once we have learned the traits, passions and strengths of each language, we immediately have the tools to communicate more effectively and get along with those around us ... even those who speak different LIFE Languages.

There are three categories within the seven languages:  


•Two Kinetic (Action Oriented) Languages

•Two Emotive Languages

•Three Cognitive Languages


People who speak kinetic languages, Mover and Doer, generally respond to life with action (tasks, movement, productivity) first, then follow with feeling or thinking.





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